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Xero Training in Melbourne

Struggling to learn the operation of Xero? Simply Set-Up Bookkeeping offers one on one training at your premises. Call us for a quote.

Founded 6 years ago, Simply Set-Up Bookkeeping offers Xero training to businesses and clients, instructing you on how to use the software more efficiently.

Xero Training: To Help You Manage Your Financial Accounts

Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, it is never easy to handle your accounts and tax information. If you find yourself frustrated and searching for a quicker way around your accounting and bookkeeping hassles, then Xero software set up and training is the best options for you.

Simply Set-Up Bookkeeping provides the required knowledge needed to get the best results from Xero. We also help transfer all your previous information to Xero, allowing a flawless transition into your new software.

«With Training you are guaranteed to succeed»

Ease Your Accounting Tasks With Xero

Spending hours or days gathering receipts for your accountant is an arduous task and is avoided by almost everybody.

At Simply Set-Up Bookkeeping, we help simplify your life by assisting in the switch to Xero. The software of Xero keeps you organised, meaning no more gathering receipts at the end of the year. However, it may be challenging to adjust if you've never used accounting software before. We have your back with our Xero training course, aimed to help you master the software and keep on top of your finances.

«Master this amazing software in no time»

Xero Training Course Melbourne

Why You Need The Xero Training Course?

  • As a properly trained user you will be able to work the software to your advantage
  • You are taught to navigate the software with confidence to eliminate time wastage
  • You will be able to quickly and easily prepare profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other reports
  • You will be able to accurately manage payroll

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